One Million Voices. Youth Research Project 2

One Million Voices. Youth Research Project 2


YMCA research “One million voices” will help to ingrate youth in the process of Ukrainians reforms.

In 2017 YMCA Lviv participated in the international research “One million voices 2”. The research was held in 40 countries with an aim to study expectations and needs of young people.

results of the research

The round table “Youth opinion as a precondition to forming youth policy in Ukraine and world” devoted to the results of the research with participation of the Ministry of youth and sports has been held at Ukrinform on April 16th 2018.

Results of “One million voices – 2” were presented by Michal Shymanchyk (World Alliance of YMCAs), prof. Marek Rymza (professor at Warsaw University, developer of the research), Maxym Enin (Ph. D, leader of Ukrainian research team), state and NGOs representatives. The discussion was moderated by Oleksandr Yarema, deputy Minister on youth and sports affairs and Viktor Serbulov, the YMCA Secretary General.

Results made by Lviv YMCA research team were presented by Oleksandra Sorokopud (Ph.D).

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The discussion was held in a focus group, which consisted of 9 students of Lviv Universities. Three hours of communication on topics of ecology, education, religion, socialization of youth, social challenges, healthy lifestyles were recorded on audio carriers, decoded and translated into English to provide materials for world research.

Research results will be published as national reports, and as a consolidated global report. Conclusions and recommendations from the reports will contribute to strengthening the national and international educational work of the YMCA in the interests of young people.


The method of holding “OMG2” was developed in 2016 for the YMCA World by Marek Rimzu, a sociologist from the University of Warsaw, Poland. The study guarantees complete anonymity.