Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”. All Series

Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”. All Series

Ancient ritual songs, unique Ukrainian polyphony, free jazz, video art, new symphonic music, modern choreography, futuristic folk costumes – all of this is combined in a new unusual and exquisite contemporary Ukrainian Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”
which is dedicated to the warrior and singer Wassyl Slipak and all defenders of Ukraine.

“We live in such a strange time in Ukraine that it feels like we are among myths that have come to life. As if we are co-creators of the newest Ukrainian myth. Because now, at this very moment, in the Ukrainian Steppe, there is a warrior with an Iron Heart defending his family, his home, and his love” – says the author and director of the opera, Uliana Horbachevska.

All Series of the Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”:

Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”. Series 1: The Myth of Kin


Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”. Series 2. The Myth of Home


Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”. Series 3. The Myth of Love


Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”. Series 4. The myth of Steppe


Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”. Series 5. The Myth of the Iron Heart

Funded by the Stabilisation Fund for Culture and Education 2022 of the German Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut.
The Opera-Myth project is organized by YMCA Lviv with the The Wassyl Slipak Foundation.
We are very grateful for the help in implementing the project:
KFUM og KFUK i Distrikt Aarhus, The Wassyl Slipak Foundation, Goethe-Institut Ukraine, Ukr.Stream Media, Tik-Tak company, Український культурний фонд, as well as hundreds of Ukrainians who supported the project with charitable contributions on Spilnokosht.
Cooperation with you and your assistance in the development of Ukrainian culture are very important for us????????
Together we create a new Myth!