Aarhus and Lviv youth was learning to love life

Aarhus and Lviv youth was learning to love life

In winter time we all want to be a part of a joyful company. And we found it! Our lovely friends came to us from Danish KFUM og KFUK i Distrikt Aarhus.

During these bright days (and nights), we had time to walk around in Lviv, attend a few trainings and cafes, cook dumplings, check Y-Residence for durability and, even, start planning future mutual events and projects.

See how happy and exciting are in these photos!

But do people have such incredible lives as they demonstrate on their social networks?

And how does contemplating these perfect lives of others affect our self-esteem?

So we made a workshop “Body image” by Ester from Denmark about these issues. She reminded us again how important it is to love ourselves and respect others.

Here is a small exercise for you we think everyone should try do:

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Imagine the person you love
  3. Think, do you love her for the inner world or for her appearance ? For example, if it’s your mom

What is more important to you: how does she look or how she takes care of you , what moments have you had together, how she treats you?

Will you love her less if her appearance changes?

Have you thought it through ?

And now we suggest doing the same exercise, but thinking about your own personality!

You need to love yourself, take care of your own psychological and physical health! At least, believe us. KFUM og KFUK and District Aarhus and YMCA Lviv got convinced about that by our own experience.