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YMCA Lviv – is a local branch of worldwide youth movement that includes 30 million members at 130 countries

Why to be a member of YMCA Lviv?

  • To take part in International trainings and camps
  • To participate in Student exchanges Erasmus+
  • To Volunteer at other YMCAs around the world and in the frames of EVS
  • To get discount when paying fee for our Programs
  • To enjoy professional organizational help in the implementation of youth initiatives

What YMCA volunteers do?

  • Travel the world to implement good social projects
  • Design international projects
  • Develop themselves through studying languages, art and social activism
  • Sports
  • Help socially unprotected kids and youth
  • Learn democracy and business administration
  • Organize summer camps
  • Making life better every day

Our target group – young people.

Our Mission – to make life of young people more bright and meangful!

Do you want to know more? Here are some interesting facts about YMCA

  • YMCA is observer at UN.
  • YMCA was active at forming Peace Corp, Red Cross and scouting.
  • Creator of scouting Baden Pauel was a member of YMCA London.
  • Basketball, volleyball, softball and badminton were invented at YMCA.
  • YMCA has over 11 000 local branches in Europe and is present at every big city.
  • Symbol of YMCA – triangle. Its corners symbolize 3 dimensions of personal development – Body, Mind and Spirit.

How to become a volunteer at YMCA Lviv ?

  • Come to our office with an idea what to do together
  • Participate in our  Clubs
  • Create your own youth project and implement it together with YMCA Lviv

Come, join us and lets change the world around together!