Новини YMCA Lviv

Новини YMCA Lviv

Новини YMCA Lviv

We do not stop!


It happened so that lately we mainly talk about such activities of YMCA Lviv as master classes and creative meetings. Meanwhile, the war continues and our volunteer work continues too. [...]


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The experience Ukraine is currently gaining can answer the question as well as dozens of others related to war, survival, and life in general. Ukraine is currently waging the [...]

February 24


Exactly one year ago, all of Ukraine woke up to rocket explosions: a full-scale war had begun. Since February 24, Ukrainians instantly turned into the soldiers and volunteers and public [...]

Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”. All Series


Ancient ritual songs, unique Ukrainian polyphony, free jazz, video art, new symphonic music, modern choreography, futuristic folk costumes - all of this is combined in a new unusual and exquisite [...]

Project to help volunteers during the war


In August 2022 our team with the support of KFUM og KFUK i Danmark and New Democracy Fund, started implementing a project to help volunteers during the war. Why did [...]

“Circle of Paradise” – “Na Vasylya”


Christmas holidays always carry in them a special meaning - it’s a story about the birth of light and hope, even if darkness reigns around. And now more than ever [...]

Window into “russian world”.


We continue to send humanitarian aid to the civilian population. As part of our project, we constantly send parcels with necessities for IDPs. But there is work outside the scope [...]

Music workshops for refugee children

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On Friday and Saturday we held 2 magical music workshops for refugee children under the leadership of Ulyana Gorbachevska. We were visited by wonderful talented children from Kherson, Mariupol, Zaporizhzhia, [...]

The stories of our leaders at war

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Through years YMCA-Lviv has united very valuable people. Since the beginning of russia's widespread invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the YMCA has received a key and top priority [...]

We support volunteers in war

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Since 2014 volunteer networks in Ukraine have been formed on the basis of public movement and institutional experience of public organizations. At the same time they were free and mobile, [...]


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YMCA volunteer center keeps doing important things on rapid humanitarian response. For the last three weeks our volunteers packed and delivered humanitarian aid from YMCA Berlin and private helpers from [...]

Youth Council 2022

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In the turmoil of war we haven't manage to announce our newly elected Youth Council. 7 new members were elected on 23th Feb, just a day before the war. To [...]

The “Myth of Ancestry”

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We present the action «Myth of Ancestry», a song matrix for our Young Opera «Ukraine – Terra Incognita» The "Myth of Ancestry" combines ancient Ukrainian songs, video art and [...]

Young Council 2020

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The YMCA Lviv is always open to transformation as new opportunities come along with changes. In our case, the wind of change transformed the organization's youth board. First of [...]

The performance Lemkovyna-Lem

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This is a new and original interpretation of Lemky songs. The unexpected combination of instruments, the visual accompaniment of the sound by the video art, the combination [...]

YMCA from Kyiv and Lutsk in Lviv

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What is the result exceeding expectations looking like??? Is when the idea comes to hold a visit between YMCA Kyiv and Lutsk members at YMCA Lviv! Meaning not just [...]

Solomia Dzhudzuk about Hong Kong

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Why volunteer? Do you believe you can’t change the world without seeing it? Or maybe you just stuck in the rut and crave some exotic trip? Chinese YMCA of [...]

Y-Residence welcomes to Lviv!

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You have the opportunity to visit Lviv! In Lviv, the winter festive period lasts from December to February. What could be brighter and more cozy [...]

Youth Board YMCA Lviv 2019

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The General Assembly of YMCA Lviv on 5th of May, 2018 voted for creation of Youth Board to empower young people be change agents and make life more interesting. Morten [...]

WOODMAN. Video about a project.


On January 14, Lviv hosted the presentation of the WOODMAN (Derevyanko). This is a 4-meter wooden puppet for street performances, created by war veterans to give joy to adults and [...]

Young school of Videoblog

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Young school of Videoblog will make more at Ukrainian YouTube. On the 1st of March 10 young bloggers start their education at Young school of Videoblog in the frames of joint [...]