21 08, 2018

“Game about us” was written in a scientific article in Poland

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The Lviv atrical initiative "Game about us", created for the adaptation of immigrants from the Crimea, was published as an article in the collection of monographs of the University of Warsaw. "The game about us" was held in 2015-16 on the initiative of Lviv organizations YMCA and Crimea SOS. [...]

19 05, 2017

Training on legal protection, business and psychological support to IDP and war veterans

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Training provided necessary knowledge and information to the target audience who either started business in Lviv or try to renew lost businesses from the occupied areas. Also, a psycho therapist offered a special therapy on a basis of individual consulting and group meetings. Legal support focused on individual cases. Donors: SIDA Youth Advocacy via YMCA [...]

30 07, 2016

Theatre project Live Now Perform Together by Domus theatre

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23 master classes on acting and singing (9 in Lviv, 7 in Severodonetsk, 7 in Kharkiv) for 20 participants (10+10) will involve IDP from Crimea and eastern Ukraine and local amateurs into the project. Overall goal is to provide creative exchange and diffusion of theatres in the regions of military conflict in Ukraine. Key objective [...]

19 03, 2016

Game About Us

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A Game About Us is a continued initiative to reach emotional and spiritual unity due to the theatrical tools and art therapy. IDP and locals intended to “removed masks" and make an art together. photos by Daryna Furmaniuk In result of training on acting, a [...]

19 03, 2016

Project for network capacity building to assist Internally Displaced People in Western Ukraine

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Network capacity building Project for IDP in western Ukraine aimed at a comprehensive assistance to new societal statuses suffering from the military conflict in eastern Ukraine or annexation of Crimea. Project implemented in 2016 due to support of Maltese Charity Service in Ukraine. It embraced the following spheres: legal and business support to entrepreneurs, psychological [...]