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24 11, 2020

Lemkovyna songs will be played on Antonych motherland

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On 27th of November, there will be held a concert “Lemkovyna-Lem” in Lemkovyna village Novytsia, where Ukrainian poet Bohdan-Ihor Antonych was born Ancient Lemkovyna songs will be heard once again in the centuries-old walls of the “Dom Ikon” and will be intertwined with musical improvisations and video art. Ukrainian, Polish and Belarusian artists will [...]

8 03, 2020

MEMORANDUM: Young Opera “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”

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The Young Opera "Ukraine – Terra Incognita" is to honor the memory of Vasyl Slipak and all the soldiers who have fallen for Ukraine now and in previous generations. That is why the reputation, commitment and transparency of its implementation are very important to us. The Young Opera "Ukraine – [...]

23 02, 2020

YMCA Lviv launched the crowd-funding for young opera

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The team of Lviv artists announced the beginning of work on a large-scale project - the creation of a modern opera dedicated to the warrior and singer Wassyl Slipak and all the defenders of Ukraine. The idea was authored by well-known director and singer Ulyana Gorbachevska. The music will be composed by a graduate [...]

19 12, 2019

Young opera «Ukraine Terra Incognita»

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Young opera « Ukraine Terra Incognita» is a large-scale project, which combines the Ukrainian authentic singing with modern academic and European improvisational music with a help of the new art forms. Visual-music performance is created by a combination of solo female voice, saxophone, percussion, male choir, female singing ensemble, symphony orchestra, choreographic [...]