Join us in creation of the Young Art Residence in Lviv!

Join us in creation of the Young Art Residence in Lviv!

YMCA-Lviv plan to create a space for international cooperation of young artists.

This will be the place where young artists, writers, actors, photographers, musicians from other countries, invited to the art residence will live and create in Lviv. Here they will be able to present their works, communicate and develop cooperation with Ukrainian artists. In the Youth Art Residence we will arrange a gallery, workshop and meeting room.

Also, YMCA volunteers from other cities will be able to accommodate this space. Between residences the space can earn on itself as a hostel for foreign tourists.

According to our estimates, annually YMCA in Lviv spends more than 5 thousand euros on the settlement of its representatives. If we had space, this money would remain within the organization and could be used for artistic projects for young people.

Young YMCA Art Residence in Lviv – it’s modern, profitable and necessary project!

Especially for you:

Individuals who contribute to the creation of the Art Residence will be able to recommend artists who should be invited to Lviv, and will be entered into the founders of the residence and will receive a discount on the artistic things created here.