Startups of war participants

8 03, 2020

MEMORANDUM: Young Opera “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”

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The Young Opera "Ukraine – Terra Incognita" is to honor the memory of Vasyl Slipak and all the soldiers who have fallen for Ukraine now and in previous generations. That is why the reputation, commitment and transparency of its implementation are very important to us. The Young Opera "Ukraine – [...]

4 03, 2020

YMCA Volunteers are teaching English for children from veterans families

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Lesya Hutsuk and Yeva Chepil from the YMCA Lviv and their little and yet very serious students. Girls have started teaching ukrainian militaries’ kids English. Volunteer Olena Baran have been running Courses for militaries and their families for two years already. The project takes place in the Service Center for [...]

23 02, 2020

YMCA Lviv launched the crowd-funding for young opera

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The team of Lviv artists announced the beginning of work on a large-scale project - the creation of a modern opera dedicated to the warrior and singer Wassyl Slipak and all the defenders of Ukraine. The idea was authored by well-known director and singer Ulyana Gorbachevska. The music will be composed by a graduate [...]

19 05, 2017

Training on legal protection, business and psychological support to IDP and war veterans

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Training provided necessary knowledge and information to the target audience who either started business in Lviv or try to renew lost businesses from the occupied areas. Also, a psycho therapist offered a special therapy on a basis of individual consulting and group meetings. Legal support focused on individual cases. Donors: SIDA Youth Advocacy via YMCA [...]