Game About Us

Game About Us

A Game About Us is a continued initiative to reach emotional and spiritual unity due to the theatrical tools and art therapy. IDP and locals intended to “removed masks” and make an art together.

photos by Daryna Furmaniuk

In result of training on acting, a group of IDPs, war veterans and Lviv citizens made a joint theatre performances (“The Labyrinth” and “21. Naked Voice”) on the professional scene of Les Kurbas Theatre in Lviv.

Through the project, together with trainers and psychologists, the participants elaborated a model of the safe space where internal conflicts are prevented due to the common activity and shared objectives. Those who face communication barriers or psycho trauma obtained more support and found new friends.

Given a high social feedback on the project, the initiative was continued in 2016 within Maltese Charity Service project.

Partners: Crimea SOS, Crimean House in Lviv, Konkordi Charity Fund, Les Kurbas Theatre in Lviv

Donors: YMCA Calgary (Canada), UNHCR