Volodymyr Berkych about Roots for Reconciliation Project

Volodymyr Berkych about Roots for Reconciliation Project

#Be the PEACE you want

What would you think first about Budapest – the former imperial capital of one of the most powerful state worldwide? Gorgeous landscapes, unforgettable views, marvelous architecture styles and cozy, friendly streets, welcoming you for a cap of soft BudaCoffee… No, first of all, Budapest for me is a unique example of culture and political dialogue, which manage to combine different opinions, ideas, visions into the strong platform of unifying and understanding.  (Maybe, that is why the Budapest Parliament is so gigantic and palatial – there should be a place for each person, for each voice).

So there is no doubt, why 35 young people from 17 countries consider to join together exactly in Budapest in European Youth Centre within YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation Project on September 16 – 22, 2018.

P.E.A.C.E. (Peace, e-Activism & Campaigning Education) Study Session has shown the model where digital skills, e-activism as well branding are the parties of deeply understanding European values and reflecting on the modern challenges for peace building. According to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the project promoted just, peaceful aims as well as provided quality education.

I am inclined to believe, that such a strong global project of Europe «Roots of Reconciliations» is definitely about one safe space for every folks, nations, traditions and languages.

In addition to this, one of the values of project was a communication and expanding network between different local YMCA Europe. It was a chance of sharing of ideas and experiences between the young leaders of different background and specialty that otherwise will never meet. During the practice of focusing on ideas and writing projects we (as a team or individually) were immersed in the principles of empowering the young leaders to be the change agents. It was essential to understand growth the feeling of ability to make decisions inside management of a project, to extend a vision of European standards of management of project.

All the participants had an opportunity to evaluate their own local community problems and got the answers to the needed questions. This week was full of teambuilding and positive emotions, emphasis towards each other, which are important if you want to create the project and remain all participants as good friends after it finished. The project included truly experts and professionals in different areas. Trust, respect, responsibility and humor were helpful to solve the difficult situations, once occurred.

I want to believe that this project will have the big potential not only in Europe but around the world as well.  It can be an excellent chance to reflect on European challenges, create cultural and social safe space, empower youth in sharing common values and overcoming negative effects of stereotypes, worldwide conflicts.

To sum up, I am proud to be a little participle of the movement, called “rooters” to understand more deep principles of communication, forming the dialogue between two sometimes very opposite sides of one conflict. For me, it was unusual experience to be involved in a huge process of building the common ground, needed basement.

Thank you for emphasizing the truth “We are The People”!

President of youth board YMCA Lviv Volodymyr Berkych