Summer travel tour: Carpathian roots

Summer travel tour: Carpathian roots

In YMCA Lviv`s tour you will visit two worlds: the European city of medieval origin, and the nature of folk traditions.


is a business card of Ukraine, an ancient European city with interesting architecture, churches of various denominations, dozens of museums, festivals and rich artistic life.


are fabulous mountains with soft views. Real mountain inhabitants have preserved their colourful traditions, ancient crafts, beliefs, fast energetic music, delicious and nutritious cuisine to this day.

You will see the city sights of:

• Lviv panorama from the city hall

• a gallery of contemporary art

• the temples (Orthodox, Armenian, Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic, Synagogue ruins)

• Halician cuisine in folk environment

On a trip to the mountains, you will cognize:

• the traditions and beliefs of mountain riders

• experience the master classes in hand-making wool woven bedspreads

• folk icon painting

• pottery

• playing folk instruments of ethnic Hutsul together with professional musicians

• ancient wooden churches

• sheep watching in the mountain valleys covered with legends of rocks

• traditional dishes and drinks at open air

• wandering in the mountains

• evenings by the fire

…and many joyous adventures

Tour duration: 7 days

Group of travellers Price

  • for a group of 3 to 5 people, the cost per person is $ 490
  • for a group of 6 to 10 people, the cost per person is $ 440
  • for a group of 11 to 15 people, the cost per person is $ 400
  • Average cost indicated. The final cost will depend on the choice of hotels, restaurants and master classes.

  • We focuse on young people living an active life and loving to  travel!

  • If you contact us a month in advance, we will be able to pick a journey for you: choose the hotels where you will be most comfortable, arrange the most interesting master classes or advise the most interesting festivals that will be at disposal at that time.

Day 1 


  • Arrival to hotel. Accommodation.
  • Panoramic city view from Ratusha city hall.
  • Visiting temples and city known sights.
  • Lviv Opera.
  • Galleries.
  • Ukrainian traditional food & Halician local cuisine
Day 2 

Bus transfer from Lviv to Carpathian region

On the way:

  • Wooden church in Rohatyn.
  • The ruins of the medieval castle Ancient Halych.
  • Museum of Easter-Egg in Kolomya.
  • Waterfall in Sheshory.
  • Town center in Kosiv.
  • Arrival to Cottage.
Day 3 

Cottage in village (Carpathians)

Master-classes to opt:

  • playing folk instruments
  • authentic singing
  • hutsul icon painting
  • hand-making wool woven bedspreads
  • ester eggs painting
  • pottery
  • Hutsul cooking

Walking in the mountains. Museum of Embroidery. Watching movies on screen. Dinner at open fire.

Day 4 

Bus transfer to YMCA hotel in Verkhovyna

On the way:

  • Trip to Pysanyi kamin’ (Painted Stone) – sacral place covered with many legends
  • Picnic at natural spot
  • Trip to Grazhda  in the famous Kryvorivnia – the wooden fortress and farm, the old traditional spot in the mountains.
  • A visit to  Hutsul household museum  and Cheese making museum.
  • Herbal bathing in mountain bowls.
Day 5 


Master-classes to opt:
  • playing folk instruments
  • authentic singing
  • hutsul icon painting
  • hand-making wool woven bedspreads
  • ester eggs painting
  • pottery
  • wood carving
  • Hutsul cooking

Evening with Hutsul musicians. Dinner at open fire.

Day 6 

Bus transfer to Lviv

On the way:

  • Viaduct of a rail track in Vorokhta.
  • Waterfall in Yaremche.
  • Czech mini brewery in Tatariv.
  • City hall in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Accommodation in Lviv. Dinner in European cuisine restaurant.

Day 7


  • Walk in the old city center.
  • Lychakiv old cemetery-museum.
  • Scansen open air museum as an option.
  • Choosing souvenirs.


Note! Contact us in advance time so we could make your tour pleasant and full of new experiences.


The funds received from your order will go to social, charitable and cultural projects YMCA Lviv.

Carpathian roots

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photos by Daryna Furmaniuk, Olha Vovkohon