Presentations of the Opera-Myth in Denmark

Presentations of the Opera-Myth in Denmark

Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra incognita” continues to introduce people in different countries to the unique treasure of singing culture – Ukrainian polyphony.  In June 2023, the singers of our opera performed in Denmark.

The concert tour was made possible thanks to the long-term friendship between the managers of the opera organized by YMCA Lviv and YMCA of the Danish city of Aarhus (KFUM og KFUK i Distrikt Aarhus). We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Danish friends for this tour and for the support they provide to Ukrainians in these trying times.

We also thank the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine for assistance with departure and border crossing for the opera singing team. Ancient Ukrainian songs were heard in modern Protestant churches in Aarhus.

At all five performances, the halls were filled with Ukrainian and Danish families.  For the Ukrainian diaspora and temporarily displaced families, these concerts were full of emotions, and for the Danes – the discovery of the unknown sensuality of Ukrainian songs.

In addition to the concert program, the choir joined the Divine Service and the rite of baptism of a newborn Danish girl.  They sang a Ukrainian lullaby to her.  In honor of the visit of Ukrainian artists, the organist of the church in Aarhus learnt and played the National Anthem of Ukraine. After each concert, the Danish organizers organized a meeting with Ukrainian singers.  Over coffee, stories about the Russian war in Ukraine and fundraising for the humanitarian needs of victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war took place.

“This year, the city of Aarhus changed its sister city from St. Petersburg to Lviv.  It would be great to stage the entire Myth Opera in our theater as part of our brotherhood between cities,” said Morten Stensing Sørensen, pastor, tour organizer.


During the tour in Denmark, more than 6 thousand euros were collected.  These funds will be used to provide for the humanitarian needs of front-line communities, to create and fill a free children’s day center for children of military personnel at the YMCA Lviv, and to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The next presentations of Opera-Myth are planned for July and August 2023 in the American cities of Atlanta, Detroit and Austin.

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