Youth Council accepted Development Strategy 2019

Youth Council accepted Development Strategy 2019

Young people take decisions! It was worth visiting just one of the strategic sessions on Saturday, March 16th.

The task of the General Youth Assembly considers both discussing the important directions of the organization’s activities and establishing close relationships between the participants: acquaintance, rising a certain culture of Y-family.

However, this is also a great opportunity to reflect on our mistakes and failures, share our annual experience, achievements of Youth Council. YMCA Lviv is open to new partners and to the local community, that is why strategic decisions were made democratically, due to recommendations and practical situations. As a result, the youth jointly wrote a clear action plan and continues to create, implement their own projects, spread new global ideas.

Strategy YMCA Lviv 2019 (Youth Council)

1) Creating an inclusive, creative and self-determined space for youth

– Building a strong effective communicative network of participants within the organization

– Gradual implementation and integration of  YMCA family-values

– Creation and implementation of permanent programs for youth by youth

2) Youth Entrepreneurship

– Managing right conditions to qualitative teach soft-skills among youth in Y-organization

– YMCA transforms into a sustainable investment fund for charity project and social business

3) Establishment and consistent promotion of local, regional and international partnerships and exchanges

– International cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual support

– Development of alternative tourism as one of the main priorities of the Y-residence

President of Youth Council, Volodymyr Berkych

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