Join us!

Join us!

What YMCA volunteers do?

  • Travel the world to implement good social projects
  • Design international projects
  • Develop themselves through studying languages, art and social activism
  • Sports
  • Help socially unprotected kids and youth
  • Learn democracy and business administration
  • Organize summer camps
  • Making life better every day

Our target group – young people.

Our Mission – to make life of young people more bright and meangful

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Why to be a member of YMCA Lviv?

  • To take part in International trainings and camps
  • To participate in Student exchanges Erasmus+
  • To Volunteer at other YMCAs around the world and in the frames of EVS
  • To get 50% discount when paying fee for our Programs
  • To enjoy professional organizational help in the implementation of youth initiatives

How to become a volunteer at YMCA Lviv ?

  • Come to our office with an idea what to do together
  • Participate in our Programs
  • Create your own youth project and implement it together with YMCA Lviv

On the 5th of May we have our next General Assembly where youth board is to be elected.

Come, join us and lets change the world around together!