“Circle of Paradise” – “Na Vasylya”

“Circle of Paradise” – “Na Vasylya”

Christmas holidays always carry in them a special meaning – it’s a story about the birth of light and hope, even if darkness reigns around.

And now more than ever it is important for us to remember that there is still light around, that we can share with each other.

“Every Christmas is like a separate piece of the eternity. As if a separate day in which the past, present and future are gathered. Christmas and the christmas carols are our way to combine times, to go out of time.

This is how the thread of transmission of generations, the existence of traditions and culture is preserved.

Now Ukraine is collecting its history.

Today we are a country of warriors, and no matter how much pain is inflicted on us – for us, who are responsible for modernity, the main thing is to save our children and preserve our culture.

If we do it, Ukraine will stand.” (с) Юрко Вовкогон

We present to you the first track from the musical event “Circle of Paradise” – “Na Vasylya”, author Uliana Horbachevska (the composition is based on traditional Ukrainian carols).

Promoters: YMCA Lviv

Production: Ukr.Stream – Global Streaming Services

Performans: Uliana Horbachevska

Film Director: Ivan Vasilets

Director of photography: Vladyslav Dergunov

Сamera operator: Andrij Zelenyj, Yaryna Butkovska

Assistant director: Anton Tsona

Sound: Marco Svizhinskyi, Andriy Voronov

Projecting: Volodya Stetskovych, Volodymir Fanta

Technical support: M-rental

P.S. We are very grateful to YMCA Europe, KFUM og KFUK i Distrikt Aarhus and KFUM og KFUK i Danmark with the support of New Democracy Fund for the help in the implementation of the project and for the assistance in the development of the Ukrainian culture!