February 24

February 24

Exactly one year ago, all of Ukraine woke up to rocket explosions: a full-scale war had begun.
Since February 24, Ukrainians instantly turned into the soldiers and volunteers and public organizations refocused their activities for the defense of Ukraine.

Countless challenges, sleepless nights, worries for loved ones… Every person suddenly became a “loved one”: those who defends the country, volunteers, who is forced to leave home because of the war or had to stay in the occupied territory.

We also didn’t stay away: 4 permanent members of YMCA Lviv went to the front to defend Ukraine on the battlefield. Part of the team remained to work on the cultural front: this is a work that cannot stop. After all, art is the thing, which helps to live and hold on even in the most difficult times.
The rest of the team actively participated in volunteering: we launched a “soldier mission”, because helping our defenders is now a priority for all of Ukraine. Also, in parallel, in cooperation with The Student Fraternity of Lviv region (thank you, friends, it wouldn’t be possible without you!) we are carrying out a humanitarian mission.

Each of us independently or with the help of a team closed many requests (part of the stories about our volunteering is here: https://lnkd.in/dbtP_Q7B).

As well, YMCA Lviv held several charity events:
– Charity concert of the “Yevshan” choir raised UAH 31,578, which were spent on the purchase of Ecoflow for the soldiers of the 24th brigade.

– The mini-football tournament collected UAH 16,950, which was added to purchase a car for the soldiers of the 35th OBMP.

– The premiere of the Christmas carol “Circle of Paradise” collected UAH 94,416, 15 dollars and 20 euros. The funds were spent on the purchase of a thermal imager and a starlink for the soldiers of the 80th brigade. We sent the rest to another organisation, participating in the purchase of 100 tourniquets for our defenders.

We are infinitely grateful to our defenders for their sacrifice. It is thanks to them that we can now live and work in relative safety, creating our common future.
We thank the rescuers and medics who work in difficult conditions at any time to save lives.
We thank the volunteers who relentlessly and unyieldingly hold the rear, despite fatigue and burnout.
We thank all Ukrainians who, despite the shelling, work, support the economy and continue to donate, thereby removing part of the burden from our state.

Today is exactly one year since our life changed forever. Today we must all protect ourselves, take care of each other and continue to live and work to win. And for the future that will come after.