The performance Lemkovyna-Lem

The performance Lemkovyna-Lem

This is a new and original interpretation of Lemky songs. The unexpected combination of instruments, the visual accompaniment of the sound by the video art, the combination of unique voices , all this will plunge the listener into the world what true song does. 

Uliana Gorbachevska from Lviv is a famous singer and researcher of authentic songs in Ukraine and Europe, the director of the performance.

Julia Doshn is a well-known researcher and singer of Lemksongs. If in Poland theres a talk on a folk song, her name is the first to appear.

Oleksiy  Vorsoba from Minsk is a Belarusian composer and virtuoso accordion player.

Ryszard Lackiecki is a well-known Polish multi-instrumentalist.

Maciej Kudlatzik is a Polish multi-instrumentalist, skilled improvisation musician, who writes and performs music for films.

Young voices – known in Lviv choir “Zhaivir” directed by the talented Natalia Chmir-Kozyar.

VG groupe CUBE is a famous video maker group in Ukraine. They will create a visual outline of the project, which will be based on unique frames of archival photos of the Lemko region from the family archive of Vengrynovych family.

November 24, 20:00
LemStation (57 St., Vitovskogo)

The project is supported by the YMCA Lviv