Youth In Action. Germany, Oberhof.

Youth In Action. Germany, Oberhof.

This Autumn  I had an opportunity to be a part of the learning mobility program ‘Participation!

Lets be the part of the European youth strategy!’ which took place in Oberhof, Germany from 18.09.2019 to 23.09.2019.

Although the weather was surprisingly cold, I experienced the warmest welcome in Germany among beautiful nature and forests.

That time there were representatives from 6 different countries: Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, and Romania.

We were provided a platform for discussion and exchange of important issues regarding European youth strategy.

Each day participants were working together in small groups researching on related topics.

That made us think on future of Europe for youth, new projects to be a part of, and many-many creative thoughts, which hopefully will be implemented while further cooperation among local YMCA.


Solomia Gera