Cultural project «Music life»

Cultural project «Music life»

The project “Music life” was focused on series of musical dialogues and collaborations between representatives of different cultures: Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Poles, Hungarians. Musicians studied the culture of each other, reflected on relevant social themes and learned to conduct dialogue in improvisation.

Within the framework of the project there were interactive discussions of musicians and spectators, guests of the festival on the topic: “Reconciliation with music”, “What is the modern musical identity of Ukrainians?”, “Musicians in post-conflict societies: experience of other societies”.

Artists also held workshops for colleagues and young musicians to get familiarized with the specifics of music from ethnic minorities.

The main part of the project was realized in the framework of the annual international ethno-jazz festival Flugery Lvova in May 2017.

Among the well-known musicians were: Crimean Tatar jazz pianist Usein Bekirov, Mikhail Balog, Mark Tokar, Lyubko Mariash, Marichka Chichkova, blues band LBB, Polish expressive quartet Siostry and Łotry, indie group from Hungary Flop and others.

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photos by Vitaliy Mariash

Organizers: Crimean house in Lviv in partnership with YMCA Lviv, Art centre Dzyga and NGO Crimea SOS

Project was supported by International Renaissance foundation