Our partners YMCA Calgary (Canada)

Our partners YMCA Calgary (Canada)

Partnership established in 2013 to implement youth developmental programs.

Joint projects mostly focus on Tensing initiatives and programs.

Here are some of the projects. 2013 – project “YMCA Western region Leadership School for Youth” (Verkhovyna in Carpathians) – a mountain camp and YMCA volunteers meetings for the YMCA-Lviv strategic planning for 2013-2015. Participants produced a video with English subtitles.

“YMCA art studio for children and youth” in Lviv – the first YMCA location was rented in Lviv, and 340 youth and children took part in the activities provided by the Y volunteers; first staff (4 people) was employed. In result, a team elaborated a business plan for YMCA hostel in Lviv.

“In the rhythm of child’s heart” (Ukraine Western region medical center for children in  Lviv) – social art therapy practice, the invited musicians played for cancer kids and their parents.

Since a military conflict broke out in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, one of the priorities was to target new Ukrainian identities (internally displaced people and war veterans) and get them (re)integrated into local community upon war experience. December 2016 – a “Game about us” – a social theatre to integrate IDP and local youth within art project and public performance on professional stage.