Danish youth brought presents for children at hospital

Danish youth brought presents for children at hospital

We are learning how to make good projects from our Danish friends.

Youth from Denmark worked for a couple of months to collect money for children in Lviv. Students cleaned windows, washed cars, sold some chips and cookies to buy children’s furniture and toys and bring them to the hospital in Lviv. In April they visited children’s hospital and organized children’s playgrounds on first, second and third floors of the policlinic. Presents were immediately tested by little visitors. Now they will play instead of being stressed while visiting doctors.

This is the third visit of students from  Lystruphave Efterskole. Last year they presented srab booking machine for volunteers working with kids at the hospitals.

We hope to have same guests next year thanks to our partnership with the school and YMCA – YWCA of Aarhus (KFUM og KFUK i Distrikt Aarhus).

Thank you,  Maria Hove Kristensen and Caroline Damsbo for making Ukrainian and Danish youth closer to each other.

Thank you, Olena Berezovska, the deputy director of the policlinic and our good friend from School of Social Leadership.

The biggest thank you goes to teenagers who are our role models in making good projects. For those you know and for those you never met before. So simple and so honest – making this world better.