Training “My internal story”

Training “My internal story”

“My internal story” – teambuilding at YMCA Lviv together with actors of Lviv academic theatre named after Les Kurbas Andriy Vodychev and Nataliya RybkaParhomenko.

How to bring up the idea? What is joint creativity? How to charge when our internal battery is low and the inspiration and creativity is needed here and now to fulfill new volunteering tasks?

Answers to all these questions are internal components for organizational internal growth , especially if its main mission is youth volunteering.  We have noticed that our Youth Board on the second year of its activity faced a couple of structural changes: our members became famous sport leaders, went to study abroad or got full time job. New volunteers needed orientation and support with their initiatives.  Our network also changes, new members needed to become a team.

We are in need of internal growth which means so called “internal” projects are needed to create safe space where everyone could reflect on their roles, communication with team members, develop projects and decision making processes.

This is how “My internal story” project has been created. Activities of this project include one week trainings on self development, voice and presentation skills development, creative writing, teambuilding and communicative network according to the training program designed and held by actors of Lviv academic theatre named after Les Kurbas Andriy Vodychev and Nataliya Rybka – Parhomenko.

As a result of such sensual and creative connections volunteers made programs where art, educational and entertainment are combined. These programs include virtual excursions with Ksenia Tsyhurska at the movie theatre, exhibition of young artists with Roman Khrushch and Zirka Savka, art evenings with Serhiy Hlivnyuk and Lesya Gutsuk, video blogs with Nastya Bezpalova and Solomiya Hera, youth exchanges and international volunteering with Martha Nyznyak.