Partnership Offers for 2019 & Annual report for 2018

Partnership Offers for 2019 & Annual report for 2018

We devoted three years of organizational life to finding and shaping our identity. Just as a small flower in the spring needs to be filled with the sun and water in order to make it through the snow, organizations in Ukraine need a reliable partnership and trust in order to act qualitatively, transparently and democratically.

YMCA Lviv welcomes patrnerships and co-creation, experimentation and blending of good ideas into new projects and youth initiatives.

Our priorities:

Last year, our volunteer team made a major step towards processes in which youth well-being, inclusiveness, mental health, and equality become global priorities. The YMCA is a great platform for self-development, volunteer service and charity. Solomia Dzhudzhuk, Vice-President of the Youth Council YMCA Lviv

YMCA Lviv contributes to the dialogue, collaboration and networking of young people around the world, and we have a great opportunity to get to know the activities of the YMCA: Hong Kong, Denmark, Georgia, Thailand, Hungary, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden – and this is just the beginning. We are proud to be here. Volodymyr Berkych, Youth Council President of YMCA Lviv

Partnership Offers 2019